Who we are

 Safe N' Happy Periods is a humble step towards a shame-free and pain-free menstruation time. We create awareness on different aspects of menstruation for adolescent girls & women through talks & workshops.
We started it in January 2016 and it has been a humbling experience and a rewarding journey in every way for everybody attached to this cause. As a founder of this initiative, it has always been my desire to give back to the society and this particular challenge faced by many young girl adults in India is something I am very truly passionate about solving.

Our story so far

We touch different elements of the Menstrual Ecosystem (i.e. schools, teachers, civic authorities, rag pickers, etc.) Using the strength of interactive and persuasive communication, Safe N’ Happy Periods is working towards changing deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes of shame, shyness and discrimination towards menstruation. We seek to facilitate behavioural changes in girls, their immediate families and society at large.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

"More than 18000 adolescent girls and women addressed during workshops."

We are glad to spread this message amongst girls and women of different age groups across various sections of the society. We can imagine the extent of reach presuming that these girls and women, in some way or the other, would share and pass on the hygiene habits and other useful information to their friends, family members etc.

Safe N’ Happy Periods is a social impact initiative

Safe N’ Happy Periods hopes to encourage a shameless, dignified and sustainable menstruation time for women in India. We use a combined approach of education and pad distribution, to spread awareness and increase access to sanitation.

It is possible to sponsor a workshop at a school of your choice, or give a monthly donation for sanitary products and yoga belts. Any amount will help us continue our work.

G E T  I N V O L V E D

Why is menstrual hygiene education important?

A lack of menstrual hygiene can cause…

  • Diseases like UTI’s, STI’s and cervical cancers
  • It can also lead to complications with conception, childbirth and infertility.
  • Low self esteem and confidence throughout a woman’s life
  • The toxic culture of shame, discrimination and superstition is carried to the next generation.
  • Dysmenorrhea, bad odour, gynaecological diseases
  • Shame or lack of education means that many women do not seek medical advice.
  • Loss of productivity/attendance at school and work
  • Women’s freedom of movement, education and wages are affected.