Ragini is a certified Yoga Instructor based out of Seattle. She has founded a small Yoga Centre of her own URBANE MONK, which is little unique in certain ways. She mostly gives private lessons but is passionate towards using YOGA in managing menstrual pain, and issues of Menopause.

She is the Co-Founder of Safe n' Happy Periods, a social impact initiative based in Mumbai, India.
She has been a part of SNHP workshops in India, which has been an emotional experience for her. She has been mostly teaching YOGA to girls and women for managing the period pain and different aspects of Menopause. During this journey she realized that the pain factor is universal and usually being brushed aside. Hence, she loves creating awareness amongst women, where ever possible, on how YOGA can be a blessing for them.

Ragini did her Undergrad studies from India and moved to States in 2009 to study Communications & Human Resource Development.