Sarika Gupta


Sarika is an MBA Graduate and an entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in the field of education and media. Prior to founding Safe n' Happy Periods, she co-founded Aegis School of Business, Mumbai. She was heading the training division for one of the prominent business schools in India, IIM Indore, before Aegis. She started her career with advertising agency and later Indian Express Newspapers (B) Ltd. An avid traveler, she got an opportunity to meet and learn different forms of mediation and Iyengar yoga with some of the finest teachers in India. While travelling and interacting with different cultures and working for few NGO’s, the plight of menstrual hygiene and related subjects intrigued her and motivated her to start Safe n' Happy Periods

She started Safe n' Happy Periods in Jan 2016 together with Ragini Gupta and a school friend, not knowing that the work would be so much appreciated by everybody. More then appreciation, every workshop was a spark of realization of the need of this program everywhere (both rural, urban and slum areas). The three, pooled in their savings and started with the work.

Sarika also runs Nain Katari, an online facebook platform for encouraging local artisans & handicrafts, which eventually supports Safe n' Happy with all its profits.