Andressa Grechi – Volunteer, Brazil

Being a volunteer on Safe N’ Happy Periods helped me to understand the reality of Indian women. The use of pads and tampons during the menstrual periods, considered common in other countries, it’s still a hot topic in India. Many women still do not know how to use pads or the correct way to disposal it, they are shy and do not feel comfortable talking about periods. A topic considered so natural for me and spoke so freely in my country can become a nightmare for women in India.

In this sense, Safe N’ Happy Periods do a wonderful job to promote awareness about the subject across all India, an incentive of this great women, Sarika Gupta, who realize all this problems in her society and had the courage to start to do good to other people. Being part of this amazing project, even for a short time, has made me rethink the way I see the life. I realized that even in 2017 after a lot of women spend years fighting to have gender equality, women in India are still considered impure during their periods. A process which is part of human reproduction, a process which is natural, make women across India be shamed and suffer. Safe N’ Happy Periods do not just spread awareness, it changes lives. It changes the way women in India see themselves and make them be more confident, independent and proud about their bodies.

Safe N’ Happy Periods give them a chance to be happy, to enjoy their lives freely. I just have to thank Safe N’ Happy Periods and especially it’s founder, Sarika Gupta, for this incredible opportunity and for doing a wonderful job providing awareness about this topic, considered so uncommon in India, and mainly for giving them hope and conditions to pursue a better future, for empowering women.

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