Aya Ibrahim – Volunteer, Egypt

As a girl, I was always interested in women empowerment and fighting for girls’ rights. I wondered why there are a lot of girls who are shy because of their bodies. I also felt sorry for those who can’t do whatever they want to do, study the thing that they are interested in and travel to places they want to visit and the reason of all that is that they are girls!!! I wondered, if god created us only to marry and give birth and after this we should only spend our life with raising our children..? Of course, this is a very important part of what we should do, but I’m sure that it is not all we should do! This was one of the reasons why I wanted to engage with a women empowerment project.

I went to India to work with a non-governmental organization called Safe N’ Happy Periods. This organization works to create awareness about monthly periods, to educate girls about their bodies, about hygiene, about what they can do and why they shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies. This is important because in India there are a lot of girls who feel ashamed and uncomfortable about their periods although it is such a natural thing. We often say women empowerment is a must, but how can we empower women who have problems with understanding their bodies and their period. I then realized that the work of Safe N’ Happy Periods is a great first step for the sake of real women empowerment.

If you want to contact Aya about her experience with Safe N’ Happy Periods, please write an e-mail to: Ayaqandeel97@outlook.com

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