Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

SNHP’s Workshop at Kamathipura, for girls and women associated with OASIS India. An NGO that rescues girls from forced prostitution and human trafficking. On the 7th of March, “Safe N’ Happy Periods” was invited by Rave Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. (an IT software and services company based in Worli, Mumbai) to conduct a short workshop … Continue reading Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

Clementina Udine – Volunteer, Italy

My first hand experience with Safe N’ Happy Periods took place in the Global Village, an AIESEC event where a lot of students from different countries all over the world come together to share their culture and experiences.  This year it was organized at the Pillai College of Navi Mumbai, and Dorian (another volunteer from … Continue reading Clementina Udine – Volunteer, Italy

Emma Folkerts- Volunteer, Seattle Washington

At SNHP, I learned a lot about India and women’s empowerment work. I am from Washington State, USA, near Seattle, and work with non-profits in the states. One aspect of interning at SNHP that stood out to me as unique was the opportunity to take initiative, and within that, to collaborate with diverse groups of … Continue reading Emma Folkerts- Volunteer, Seattle Washington

Julia Górko – Volunteer, Poland

The experience of working for Safe n’ Happy Periods was one of the most valuable experiences in my life. However, the beginning was difficult. It was not only my first time volunteering abroad, but also the first time in India and in Asia. The time change, different climate and an extremely strong cultural shock. However, … Continue reading Julia Górko – Volunteer, Poland

Isabella Hilber – Volunteer, Austria

To put it in a nutshell, my volunteering experience with Safe N’ Happy Periods was one of the most rewarding and mind-opening experiences of my life. Right from the start, Sarika – the founder and good spirit of Safe N’ Happy – encouraged us to challenge the structures that we found and to come up … Continue reading Isabella Hilber – Volunteer, Austria

Let’s Talk About It – workshop in Digha

On August 4th 2017 we visited Digha library to talk to women from the local self-help group. The workshop covered the introduction of different types of sanitary products, the teaching of yoga asanas for pain relief and eco-friendly ways of pad disposal. We especially enjoyed the great participation of everyone, the honest questions that were … Continue reading Let’s Talk About It – workshop in Digha

Andressa Grechi – Volunteer, Brazil

Being a volunteer on Safe N’ Happy Periods helped me to understand the reality of Indian women. The use of pads and tampons during the menstrual periods, considered common in other countries, it’s still a hot topic in India. Many women still do not know how to use pads or the correct way to disposal … Continue reading Andressa Grechi – Volunteer, Brazil