Menstrual Education (Health & Hygiene) Workshop

SNHP conducts a workshop titledĀ  Menstrual Education & Awareness for schools, colleges, fellow NGOs, corporates and anybody who is willing to create awareness and educate their surroundings on different aspects of Menstrual Health & Hygiene.

The program is designed uniquely for girls of different age groups (from Menarche to Menopause). The components of program are:

1) Educating women about what is menstruation and how the menstruation cycle works (Female reproductive system and how it functions)

We talk about Periods and the Menstruation Cycle. Since menstrual education is still not a part of curriculum in many schools, many girls still have no education on how the reproductive system works. We help them understand their own bodies so that they feel confident of it.

2) Importance of good menstrual hygiene habits and how to maintain it.

We discuss the importance of menstrual hygiene and do’s and don’ts to maintain a good hygiene during periods and otherwise. This can keep them away from many menstrual or Gynecological disorders later in life.

3) Overview about menstrual disorders

In India, girls and women still hesitate to talk about missing their period, having painful menstruation or other disorders like PCOD etc. They are not aware that these are medical conditions which can be treated by altering lifestyle, yoga and medication. Through this program we wish to shed light on such disorders and the treatments.

4) Talk about the importance of diet

The MC (menstrual cycle) and reproductive health of a women is highly sensitive to the kind of food they consume. And that is probably one of the many reasons of having so many diseases at a young age today. A healthy and wholesome diet can go a long way in keeping a good health and keep menstrual disorders at bay. We talk about different foods that can be beneficial for women and improve their overall health.

5) How Periods and meditation can work wonders in giving women a good reproductive and overall health

The most important part of our workshop revolves around a set of Yoga Asanas, which if performed regularly, especially during Periods, can balance your hormones. It can help women with many menstrual and gynecological disorders.

6) Creating a platform for an open dialogue

We are trying to bring women together to talk about why it’s important to talk about Menstruation. And how it can benefit the coming generation and everybody in general. And we wish to do that for men too so that Menstruation becomes an accepted topic to talk about.

Safe N’ Happy Periods has taken the initiative and responsibility to do these sessions for different age group of women in different sections of our society.

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