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Emma from USA

At SNHP, I learned a lot about India and women’s empowerment work. One aspect of interning at SNHP that stood out to me as unique was the opportunity to take initiative, and within that, to collaborate with diverse groups of people.

I loved being immersed in the culture of ingenuity where people are adaptable and problem solve with available resources. This empowering culture was especially notable in the grassroots non-profit organization that is SNHP.

Sarika’s story inspired us interns to creatively employ our own experiences and abilities to contribute to the cause, including researching, language skills, writing, and web design.

Moreover, from cell phones that would not call Indian numbers and misunderstanding accents to taking wrong turns when traveling to meet with interested schools, interning at SNHP refined my communication skills, sense of direction, and above all, my problem solving skills. I saw how taking initiative and implementing ideas resulted in positive outcomes and opened a whole new world.