What we do?

At Safe N’ Happy Periods, we create awareness about different aspects of menstruation for adolescent girls and women. This is achieved by talks and workshops designed and delivered, primarily to adolescent girls and women of different age groups. In addition, we touch all those who are part of the Menstrual Ecosystem (i.e. Female teachers, Civic authorities, Schools, Rag Pickers, etc.)

Even today in our country Menstruation is attached with feelings of shame & shyness, low confidence & self-esteem, impurity and filthiness. Deep-rooted myths and taboos have added to the silence around this topic. We felt that the first step towards bringing a change is to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort where women can speak about their concerns and ask the questions they have always wanted to.

We felt that the pain and discomfort during periods also needs a lot of attention. This pain affects most of the females in schools, colleges, workplace, and home for almost 4 to 5 days every month, for 20 years of their life – a huge productivity and time loss. This is why we teach asanas for period days. which can release their pain and enhance productivity and happiness.

We also focus on the rising problems associated with increased usage and wrong disposal of sanitary pads. Soiled napkins can create diseases for rag-pickers, choke the city drainage system and pollute the environment.

Talks & Workshops

What is Menstruation?

Its important for a women to know what is Menstruation, why it happens, and why its important. That too at the right time i.e. before her first Period.

Correct usage & disposal

Today the civic authorities and individuals are struggling with the humongous menstrual waste that is being generated. Through dialogue we persuade for adopting better disposal habits.

Dealing with menstrual pain

Irrespective of geographies and age, women grapple with period pain. We use tried and tested Yoga postures for easing menstrual pain.

Myths &Taboos

We are creating a dialogue to look at the taboos and myths with a fresh perspective to accept few and discard some.

Menstrual Hygiene & Disorders

They are connected strongly. So its important to emphasize the need and ways to look at Hygiene. And also different ways to manage the disorders through Yoga, lifestyle changes, etc.

Individual Roles in Society

A single men or women can create a difference in the lives of girls and women around them. We have been able to inspire people to join this movement in different ways and bring a change in the society we live in.

School/ Colleges/Organisations

Team of Volunteers

Our team consist out of local and international volunteers, all carrying the same passion of creating a shame-free and pain free menstruation time for Indian women. They bring in their cultural values and a fresh perspective. Their efforts range from assisting in workshops, to creating awareness on social media. They also work in background for managing operations. We are thankful to them as they all work hard and do this selflessly!

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