Anuja Lalsar from Thane, Mumbai, India

Final Master of Management Studies (MMS) student

Pillai College of Management


My first encounter with Sarika Ma’am happened in my college auditorium where she took a session on menstrual awareness and hygiene. It was an eye opener as menstruation is still not among the topics that can be openly discussed. I was all together in a different zone and recalled my First menstruation experience which was highly traumatizing. After the session, I met Sarika Ma’am and asked if there are any volunteering opportunities in SNHP.

I found my time volunteering highly enriching. Sarika Ma’am’s zeal for SNHP is commendable. She Carries positivity which is highly infectious. I worked towards generating funds through the INR 40 campaign, circulating the campaign across all the social media platforms, collating and preparing database of various MHM organizations.

My association with SNHP is something I would cherish forever.