Safe N’ Happy Periods (SNHP) is an initiative supported by volunteers. Our volunteers come from different parts of India and the world, bringing their passion, cultural diversity and an enthusiasm to give back to the society.

We value their commitment and time as they are instrumental in making SNHP what it is today. Anybody who is willing to be a part of our team can volunteer from a minimum of one month to six months. We have workshops, research initiatives and campaigns where you can volunteer for few hours or a day.

To apply please click here

* To apply for volunteering through AIESEC international program of “Women Empowerment” you can check with Aiesec coordinators of your country.

Currently we are looking for Interns/Volunteers in these areas:

1) Primary & Secondary Data Collection & Tabulation

2) Social Media Management

3) Research on Menstrual Ecosystem

4) Bloggers & Content Writers

5) Graphic Designers & Illustrators

6) Fund Raising