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Safe N’ Happy in a town called PIPLANTRI

Rajasthan is full of villages where one can still find the traditional Mud Chulha (Cooking System) and ways of living. Safe N Happy Periods visited one such village recently, called Piplantri. We traveled almost 800 kms on road for this trip to do workshops in Piplantri. On the way we stopped for blessings at Nathdwara (famous for Krishna temple).

We had the privilege of spending time with Shri Shyam Sundar Paliwal Ji, a man known for transforming this village. The village is known for doing commendable work for Girls, Trees and water under the leadership of Paliwal ji. We thought of doing our bit for such an inspiring village through our workshop. We got girls from Piplantri and nearby schools in one place and did a workshop for 250 plus girls.


A Chartered Accountant

Assistant Manager – Finance department of Bunge India.


I have been volunteering with SNHP and I’m happy to be a part of an initiative that is spreading awareness about an important issue in India. I like doing yoga too and I believe that teaching yoga asanas to relieve period pain is very effective.

Ruchika Khemka

Final Year Bachelor of Business Administration

DY Patil Institute

You never stop learning. Yes!

Safe N’ Happy Periods gave me this chance to learn many new things. I always wanted to join an initiative which is working to break taboos surrounding Menstruation. Volunteering with SNHP has given me guidance, knowledge, and awareness of the challenges women encounter. I’m glad that I’m part of this initiative and though I have a busy schedule with my studies I always look forward to contributing to this great cause.

Studying in First Year Law Student, Delhi

Home at BARC, Mumbai

I became part of Safe and Happy Periods during my last summer vacation and continue to volunteer with SNHP today. This organisation breaks age-old stereotypes surrounding menstruation. Volunteering for SNHP itself challenges taboos, it makes a statement that periods are something worth talking about. Seeing SNHP inspire school girls to talk about something that society had told them not to talk about.Fighting to break these deeply entrenched stereotypes is a mammoth task but Sarika and her team make it look effortless, I am inspired by their hard work and determination.

Menstruation is not a disease and this is a belief that I have held for the longest time, but working with SNHP helped me inspire the same feeling in the hearts and minds of other girls who are often pulled down by the societal stereotypes. SNHP is not merely a mission to liberate girls and women from the clutches of the negative stereotypes about menstruation but rather is a movement to change the society altogether by inviting everyone, regardless of their gender, to participate in this talk that should have begun ages ago.

Oshika Nayak
Anuja Lalsar from Thane, Mumbai, India

Final Master of Management Studies (MMS) student

Pillai College of Management


My first encounter with Sarika Ma’am happened in my college auditorium where she took a session on menstrual awareness and hygiene. It was an eye opener as menstruation is still not among the topics that can be openly discussed. I was all together in a different zone and recalled my First menstruation experience which was highly traumatizing. After the session, I met Sarika Ma’am and asked if there are any volunteering opportunities in SNHP.

I found my time volunteering highly enriching. Sarika Ma’am’s zeal for SNHP is commendable. She Carries positivity which is highly infectious. I worked towards generating funds through the INR 40 campaign, circulating the campaign across all the social media platforms, collating and preparing database of various MHM organizations.

My association with SNHP is something I would cherish forever.