Rajasthan is full of villages where one can still find the traditional Mud Chulha (Cooking System) and ways of living. Safe N Happy Periods visited one such village recently, called Piplantri. We traveled almost 800 kms on road for this trip to do workshops in Piplantri. On the way we stopped for blessings at Nathdwara (famous for Krishna temple).

We had the privilege of spending time with Shri Shyam Sundar Paliwal Ji, a man known for transforming this village. The village is known for doing commendable work for Girls, Trees and water under the leadership of Paliwal ji. We thought of doing our bit for such an inspiring village through our workshop. We got girls from Piplantri and nearby schools in one place and did a workshop for 250 plus girls.

The workshop opened the conversation for young girls to discuss their periods and other problems they face with their bodies. With a hands-on yoga session allowing girls to join in and have a good time, Sarika Gupta also demonstrated the postures and the importance of exuding confidence while engaging in yoga. Making it a holistic session about the body and the mind together, it was a refreshing experience for the girls and the teachers present. They were all pleasantly surprised about everything they learned about their own bodies and could not express their gratitude enough for the same.

What was rather astonishing was that the girls in the rural area were found to have regular periods, contrary to the rampant irregularity in the urban areas. It is an appreciable situation that calls for the urban girls to emulate certain habits of young rural girls.

Showing multiple videos about menstruation and interacting with the girls and women present, SafeNHappy Periods emphasized on how ‘period news is good news’ and prompted the girls to echo the message to their family, friends, and others they meet.

Having open discussions about periods and other biological problems
Demonstrating yoga positions to young girls

We would like to thank our donors for their contributions and unhindered support. We are very grateful for their help.

Written by Alinda Gupta
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